Learn Spanish
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Learn Spanish
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El método

The course is divide into five levels (A1-C1) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Start learning Spanish with our advanced multimedia platform that is comprised of 135 units and each unit has 9 lessons which you will review orally with your private teacher during your live lessons every week.

Live classes and interactive Spanish lessons online


Step 1

Start learning with our virtual interactive platform

Connect with your native Spanish teacher.

Multimedia lessons

Learn Spanish Online by practising listening, reading, writing and speaking real-world Spanish from day one.

Your teacher will track your progress

Your teacher will give you feedback on your Spanish progress (listening, writing, reading and speaking) via our multimedia platform.

Speech recognition

Perfect your Spanish while having fun thanks to our speech recognition software. ¡Habla español!

Ask your Spanish tutor

Your tutor, “tu mejor amigo”. You can exchange many written messages as you wish. Get answers and don’t stop learning “español”!

Step 2

Practice with your personal teacher

Live private classes

Meet your personal Spanish native teacher who will accompany you throughout the entire course. Improve your pronunciation and gain confidence.

Make the most
of your time

Gain real confidence in your spoken Spanish with personalised 30-minute videocall classes.

Step 3

Certify your
Spanish level

After each completed Spanish level you get a Hispanissimo Certificate which you can attach to your curriculum vitae (CV), job application or your Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus Plus internship.

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