It´s clear that Spain is known worldwide for its culture, its magnificent coasts and its Mediterranean diet. From the north to the south, we find a wide variety of dishes that make Spanish cuisine known by everyone and has conquered the stomachs of thousands of people, so we should not be surprised that it is already sold in U.S. supermarkets. We can be proud that such a rural, simple and natural dish has become one of our star products and sometimes the simplest is the most successful.

At Hispanissimo we show you how to make a potato omelette with onion. At the end of the post you’ll see one of our most reputable and world-renowned chefs, Chef José Andrés, who will teach you how to make a potato tortilla – we hope you enjoy the experience!

Ingredients ofonion tortilla de patatas”:

–  750 gramos de patatas (750 grams of potatoes)

–  250 gramos de cebolla (250 grams of onion)

– 6 o 7 huevos grandes (6 or 7 large eggs)

– Sal gorda(Coarse salt)

– Aceite de oliva virgen extra(Virgin olive oil)

Preparation of tortilla de patatas with onion:

1. Pela y lava las patatas y cortálas en daditos, en rodajas o como más te guste. (Peel and wash the potatoes and cut them in cubes, slices or as you like).

2. Pela y pica la cebolla. En una sartén amplia pon a calentar abundante aceite de oliva virgen (hasta que el aceite cubra más o menos la mitad de la sartén), y cuando esté caliente, fríe primero las patatas y después añade la cebolla, así evitarás que se queme. (Peel and chop the onion. In a large frying pan, heat plenty of virgin olive oil (until the oil covers about half of the pan), and when it is hot, fry the potatoes first and then add the onion to prevent it from burning).

3. Mientras se fríen bien las patatas por todos lados, junto a la cebolla, bate los huevos en un bol, y añade un puñado de sal (la cantidad que más te guste). (While the potatoes are well fried on all sides, next to the onion, beat the eggs in a bowl, and add a handful of salt -the amount you like best).

4. A continuación, saca las patatas y la cebolla de la sartén, déjalas escurrir bien y mézclalas con el huevo batido. (Next, remove the potatoes and onion from the pan, let them drain well and mix them with the beaten egg).

5. Remueve todo para que se vayan mezclando y así la patata vaya absorbiendo un poco el huevo. (Stir everything so that they mix and the potato absorbs the egg a little).

6.Una vez esté todo mezclado devuélvelo a la sartén y ponla a fuego medio para que no se queme. Déjalo así hasta que la capa de abajo se cuaje, pero sin llegar a quemarse. (Once everything is mixed, return it to the frying pan and put it on a medium heat so that it does not burn. Leave until the bottom layer sets, but does not burn).

7.Con la ayuda de un plato llano amplio o un girador de tortillas, dale la vuelta a la tortilla, con cuidado que no se pegue en la sartén. (With the help of a wide flat plate or tortilla turner, turn the tortilla around, being careful not to stick it in the pan).

Tip: with a shovel, peel the mixture off the walls and the bottom of the pan before turning the tortilla over, this way you will avoid being hit and it will turn easily.

8.Cuando le des la vuelta, deja que se haga por el otro lado antes de sacarla y pasarla a un plato. Espera a que se enfríe un poco y…¡listo, ya tienes una tortilla de patatas(When you turn it over, let it be done on the other side before taking it out and passing it to a plate. Wait until it cools down a bit and…that’s it, you’ve got a tortilla de patatas!).

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