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Doing an internship in Spain

May 18, 2021

In a modern globalized society where everyone has access to all kinds of information within seconds and in just one click, companies expect the new generations of graduates to be well-prepared in all kinds of areas.

As the number of qualified young people grows, the working world becomes more competitive and demanding. Now that almost everyone has a university degree, companies are looking for other aspects that can make a candidate stand out from the rest. That’s where doing an internship can make a difference.

Internships are the best way to enter the job market, since no working background is needed and it can provide you with a great first professional experience for your CV. Doing an internship gives you the opportunity of working on the field you’ve been studying and delving into different areas within it, helping you figure out your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as learning how to apply what you’ve learned in real life. Throughout your time as an intern, you will acquire different skills, such as team work, problem solving and communicative and organizational skills, that will not only be very valuable in that company, but in all kinds of jobs. It can help you establish networking connections within your field before even reaching graduation. Moreover, it gives you the chance to show them what you are worth as an employee, since many businesses are looking for talent and hire interns at the end of their traineeship.

Now that almost everyone has a university degree, companies are looking for other aspects that can make a candidate stand out from the rest. That’s where doing an internship can make a difference.

One of the advantages of doing an internship that some students don’t have in mind is that it can be done from anywhere, since all kinds of companies from around the globe are looking for interns. The world is at your feet when it comes to choosing where you want to do an internship, as many countries offer life-changing opportunities. One of them is Spain. Spain is not only known by its beaches, its food and its good weather, but also by being a great place where to start your career. The Spanish working environment is different from other countries, since it’s quite friendlier and it can show you another side of the working world.

Internship in Spain

Moreover, there’s no better way to learn and improve Spanish than immersing yourself in its culture and language. According to the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the second mother tongue spoken in the world, right after Mandarin, and every year the number of students in this language increases, being more than 22 million in 2020. Knowing Spanish nowadays is a great professional asset that can provide you lifetime opportunities, and doing an internship in Spain is one of the best ways to improve your language level.

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