1. A la vuelta de la esquina

We use this expression in two situations. The first is to indicate that something is physically around the corner.

Ejemplo 1: A- ¿Disculpa sabes dónde está el cajero más cercano?

                        B- Si claro, está a la vuelta de la esquina

On the other hand, in the second situation we mean that some event is about to happen.


Ejemplo 2: El concierto de Bisbal está a la vuelta de la esquina (el concierto será dentro de pocos día

2. Ojalá

This expression comes from Arabic and literally means “in sha’a Allah“, that is, if God wills. We Spaniards use it when we want something with all our strength.

Ejemplo: ¡ojalá me toque la lotería!

¡ojalá mi madre mejore pronto!

3. No ni ná

This expression may seem somewhat confusing, since it is a triple negation (no/ni/ná (nothing) ) and may lead us to the erroneous belief that if a person says this phrase he is transferring his negative to something. Quite the opposite. This expression is used when we like something very much, is a resounding statement. Normally it is preceded by a negative question.


Ejemplo: A- ¿No te gusta el jamón?

B- No ni ná (¡me encanta!)

4. Dar en el clavo

You use this expression to say you’ve got something right.

Ejemplo: A- ¿Cuántos años tienes?

                 B- ¿Cuántos piensas que tengo?

A) 32

B) ¡Has dado en el clavo! (You’ve got it right.!)


5. Ser la leche

It’s a well-known expression that means to be the best at something.

Ejemplo: Messi es la leche jugando al fútbol.

6. A tope

7. Malaje

This is a very typical expression of Andalusia and refers to a very unpleasant, serious person.

Ejemplo 1: A-¡Por fin he logrado mi certificado de español con Hispanissimo!

B-¿y qué?

  • María que malaje eres, podrías alegrarte por mi.

Ejemplo 2 : La dependienta es una malaje, ni siquiera ha dado los buenos días cuando hemos entrado y me ha tirado el ticket en el mostrador cuando he ido a pagar.

8. A palo seco

If you hear this expression it means that someone has eaten something alone, without a drink or anything.

Ejemplo: Me he comido el bocadillo de tortilla a palo seco ¡sin agua ni nada!

9. Estar de mala leche

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If we find ourselves in one of those days when everything bothers us, irritates us and we go screaming and answering people badly…”estamos de mala leche” or angry.

10. Nos ha tocado el gordo

It is one of the most desired expressions by all. If we translate it literally is “the fat one has touched us”, something that makes no sense at all, since the reality is that we use this expression to say that we have won the lottery or that something that was very important to us and very unlikely to happen, has happened.

If you want to continue having fun learning Spanish online with Hispanissimo new expressions do not miss this video of Antonio Banderas in which he shows you some very typical expressions of his land, Andalusia, we hope you like it!

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